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"Entertaining and magically awesome!" 


I survived the incident with the Greater demon. As a dark witch, I can handle pretty much any supernatural baddie that comes my way, and the occasional Greater demon. But my struggles are far from over.

When a series of unexplained witch murders plague New York City, it’s up to me to uncover the culprits and hunt them down with some good ol’ fashion magic. To make matters worse, the insufferable, drool-worthy Logan keeps popping into my life unannounced, making it extremely hard to focus on the job—and not his tight behind.

Something dark is brewing in the shadows of New York City. But as I get closer to the murders, I'm uncovering a different sort of darkness and evil. 
And I think it’s coming after me...

Charms & Demons is a fast-paced urban fantasy adventure with a kick butt heroine, plenty of action, suspense and humor. 


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