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Witching Whispers

The Witches of Hollow Cove Book 7


I was hoping for a few days off from dealing with murder charges, bad guys, and the everyday paranormal bizarre. All I wanted was a nice break from all the crazy. And did I get it? No. Of course not.

Instead, a new coven comes to town. A coven of witch females who call themselves, The Sisters of the Circle, a small elite group for the upper crust of witch society—according to Dolores.

But there’s something off about this coven, and I just can’t put my finger on it. All the while my aunts and other witches in town worship the ground they walk on, like giddy fangirls.

Forget my time off. What I got was a whole new set of problems as my life spirals down the crapper once again.
If that isn’t bad enough, a curse settles on Hollow Cove. Something dark, ominous, that threatens the lives of the townspeople. If I don’t find the counter-curse on time, I could lose everything. And the clock is ticking…


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