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The Shadow and Light Series, Books 4 - 6

This box set includes the last three books in the Shadow and Light series. Grab this box set and SAVE 30%  on Books 4-6 in the Shadow and Light Series.

I didn’t think my life could get any worse—but it did. A series of gruesome murders shake New York City, and it’s my job to try and catch the murderous SOBs before they kill their next victim. But something doesn’t smell right. Literally. The deeper I dig, the worse it gets. Turns out these murders are not what they seem. They’re much, much worse.

It gets better. A new darkness has risen. Something I’d never faced before and a lot more powerful than me. Yeah, I was shocked too. With the Legion of angels still hunting me, I thought nothing could be worse than a bounty on my head. Boy, was I wrong.

" of the best paranormal series I’ve read." —Boundless Book Reviews

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