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Shadow and Light book 7

Rowyn and Tyrius are back! And the world will never be same again...

After the Legion of angels killed me—transformed me to an angel and then brought me back—I thought I could rest for a little while. I would put my feet up… have some quality time with my sexy elf. I was wrong.

I’ve barely survived the fight with the archdemon Lucian when another problem arises. A priest has been murdered, and the church is looking to me to help them.

A darkness closes in on the city, and the magic and undercurrents of this new evil pull me onto a dangerous path. I can’t see how we can survive this new darkness, no matter how much I fight it. But when the life of someone close to me is threatened, I can only do one thing. Stupid, yes. But it’s the only way.

One thing is for sure. If I go down, I’ll bring them down with me.

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